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Nicki Minaj Wasn't Slamming Kanye West's "Gold Digger" Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Wasn't Slamming Kanye West's "Gold Digger" Lyrics

// Added Oct 19, 2016

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If you thought Nicki Minaj was dissing Kanye West in her November cover interview with Marie Claire, you weren't paying attention. The rapper and well-known Yezzy acolyte said that many readers mistook her remarks about a controversial "Gold Digger" lyric as slamming Ye, when actually she was thanking him for telling the truth.

In Minaj's interview with Marie Claire, she revisited a lyric from West's 2005 track. "It wasn’t funny when Kanye said, ‘When he get on, he’ll leave your ass for a white girl,' and Kanye happens to be with a white girl now," Minaj said. "It wasn’t funny when he said it; it was the fucking truth.”

Some headlines framed the quote as criticism, and Minaj took to Twitter on Monday (Oct. 17) to clarify that her comments were far from that. “‘Slams’ a man/genius who gave me one of the biggest looks of my career?,” she wrote, referencing her verse on Kanye’s “Monster,” what many consider to be one of Nicki’s big star-turning moments. “I said he wasn’t kidding, he was speaking the TRUTH about d industry. I was saying he’s the one who said it first. He doesn’t apologize for his choices. He tells the truth about stuff ppl don’t wanna hear!”

Minaj also called out society’s double standards when it came to nudity on social media, using West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, as an example.

“When Kim Kardashian’s naked picture came out, [Sharon Osbourne] praised it, and my fans attacked her for being such a hypocrite,” Minaj said. “So it wasn’t trashy and raunchy when a white woman did it, but it was when a black woman did it? It’s quite pathetic and sad, but that is my reality, and I’ve gotten accustomed to just shutting it down.”


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